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Poster: Seto-Kaiba_Is_Stupid Date: Aug 9, 2009 2:46am
Forum: movies Subject: If the reviews on IA are anything to judge by..

...Then my generation, Generation Y, are the most ungrateful SOBs on the planet, a bunch of narcissistic and elitist idiots. Though in their defense, they are young. The Generation born in the mid to late 1970's are now in their 30's, and have written some of the most inane reviews ever posted here. Unlike my generation, which has the "we're young" excuse, these people really should know better.

And who is the idiot who made Narcissism the most common theme in Prelinger-section reviews should take a long walk off a short peer. Though, on that section, all generations and ages are being excessively Narcissistic.

On the plus side, I'm gonna give some glowing reviews to some Preinger items in a few days/weeks/whatever, as soon as I get the chance. That does not include "Rockchester - City of Quality", which was dreadful then, and even worse now. It doesn't help that many of the inane things promoted in that film have recently become fashionable again.

Oh yeah, and can somebody PLEASE stop people posting reviews which don't actually review the item, and simply correct the spelling of a previous reviewer's review. Though that isn't Narcissistic, it's still inane.

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Poster: antolintinez Date: Aug 10, 2009 7:51pm
Forum: movies Subject: Re: If the reviews on IA are anything to judge by..

You are right. The worst is that they give stars to the movies, as few as possible. And, when somebody (us) looks for something, sometimes follows the "guide" with the stars, that in this case doesn't work (same case as the # downloads). Finally they are not a "guide". It's sad. Regards.